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Friday, September 04, 2009

The Legacy of the Captain Lives On 

New York Times 9/3/2009 "Gehrig's Final Hit: A Single on a Cold April Day in the Bronx" by Richard Sandomir

隨著 Derek Jeter 的 Yankees 生涯安打數逐漸逼近老隊長 Lou Gehrig 的隊史記錄,這幾天討論 Lou Gehrig 的文章又逐漸出來了。Retrosheet 還沒有整理出來 1939 年的 boxscore,我看過的記載主要是從 Ray Robinson 的 Iron Horse: Lou Gehrig in His Time 而來,不過 Robinson 的記載不是百分之百準確,裡面看得出可能有錯誤。這篇 New York Times 的文章談了 Gehrig 最後那幾場比賽以及當時的一些報紙記載。感謝 New York Times 的努力,現在許多舊報紙不需要去翻縮影膠卷,在網路上就有 pdf 檔案可以閱讀了。當然,我們也不敢百分之百的相信 New York Times 七十年前的報導,那時候的記者有可能不去現場採訪而不會抓包的,只要他們有『可信】的消息來源就行。


Derek Jeter 在 8/24 之後沒有休息過,在目前跟 Red Sox 勝差達到 7.5 場的情況下,我猜 Girardi 接下來這三場球可能會給他一次休息的機會。就算沒有,三場球要拼八隻安打也太趕了一點。9/7 到 9/16 這十天 Yankees 有十場主場比賽,他的平記錄和破記錄安打應該都會在主場出現。

My guess? 9/11 vs. Baltimore. Don't take it to the bank, it's just a pure guess work.

Typo bro... "Captain"


Oops, that's what you get for writing a short article in 10 minutes.
Oh, and thanks very much. Forgot to say that.
What a guess! Jeter tied Gehrig today and next game is on 11 Sep.
啊,其實沒有很準。我在 Twitter 裡面說得比較明白,我是猜平和破記錄的安打都在 9/11 那一天。現在最多只能對一半,還有可能全錯。
A guess is a guess. It's fun no matter even if we get close to it.

Havn't yet introduced myself. I am a yankees fans from Hong Kong. Have been enjoying your great blog posts for nearly a year. The yankees have been really clicking lately. But behind C.C. & Andy, A.J. and Joba are too inconsistent IMO. Anyway, looking forward to your postseason analysis.

Welcome on board. It's a pity that you are a few years late. I don't write as many baseball articles as I used to do.

Glad to see I got it half right. It's not bad, is it?
one more thing- Today (09/11)NY Mega Millions mega ball is #2
Do you think Jeter and Yankees sometimes are obsessed with bunting?
Jeter is, but the Yankees are relatively less so.

Jeter sometimes bunt for a single, but he seems to forget that he's not getting faster as he ages. That said, he did collect a bunt singe in the game he tied Lou Gehrig, so he might still have it sometime somewhere.
Do You think "the Bronx is burning" is a good anecdotal book? I read "The Last night of the Yankee Dynasty"and it does vividly depicts many Yankee players' character. Just wondering what is your take on comparing those 2 books.
I didn't buy nor read "the Bronx is Burning". If it is anything close to the mini-series based on it, I'd say it's not very good.

It did get a good rating on Amazon, but so does the DVD of the TV series. You know, there are a lot of Yankee fans who just grade anything Yankee with a high score, so that's not very trustworthy.

Don't get me wrong, I love those Yankees, it's just the book I'm not so sure about. Bronx Zoo of the 1978 Yankees is one of my all time favorite. But if you are only into 1977 Yankees, I guess it's still worth a try.

Buster Olney was a very very good beat writer of the New York Times. I think he's a better writer than Tyler Kepner is. Honestly, these two should trade jobs right now. Kepner can make a better analyst because he's open minded to all fronts of baseball analysis, including sabermetrics. He's not a statistician of any sort, but he is very sharp on numbers and statistic methodologies. On the other hand, Olney is a guy who's not willing to learn anything new, but he writes very well. The last night of the Yankee Dynasty is a very good book. I enjoyed it a lot.
How about "Bronx Zoo" by Sparky Lyle? He was forced to step down as closer after he just won Cy Young, so I guess the book is a little bit biased?

As of T-Kep, it does seem weird that he still is a beat writer after he's married with 4 kids and have been interviewing players for nearly 20 years. Maybe he just love it too much. Buster Olney actually introduced T-Kep to the sports editor in Times.
Bronx Zoo is like Lyle's journal, its format is very similar to Ball Four. I guess you get the idea.

Though it's not ground-breaking as Ball Four, Bronx Zoo did offer a first glimpse of how players react to free agency in the earliest days.

The book starts from the day Lyle was notified that he won the CYA, then runs through the whole season until that famous Boston game. He's bitchy sometimes, but he always keeps his cool and those bitchy parts make it genuine.

I personally think the 1978 Yankees was a better story than the 1977 Yankees was, so it's no surprise that I'd prefer this book.
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