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Saturday, October 18, 2008

ALCS Game 6 

Umpire Change?

If that happenes, it might be the turning point of the game. In the previous game the broadcasting team of TBS mentioned that Kazmir had a run-in with the umpire today. That's one of the reasons (not the major one) to pitch him in game 5.

One cited "problem" is that Kazmir didn't like the strike zone, saying it's too small. We've all heard of the A4 strike zone in the CPBL and we know how that works.

Let's see how this plays out. If this is going to be a factor, it's not good for the Sox since Beckett is doing well with this umpire.

Homers from Unlikely Sources

Who would have thought that punchless Barlett and struggling/aging Varitek both hit homers in the same game, in critical conditions!

This is why we watch this game. It's full of unexpected excitement.

go to Game 7...
Okajima 2IP, 2IP(in Game5, in Game6)
Papelbon 2IP, 1IP
Masterson, 1IP, 1IP
我認為BOS這兩場是靠著燒盡自己牛棚的可靠戰力才拉回到3:3的,要是Lester擋不久的話Game 7的後半局數BOS的情況會很險峻......
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