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Friday, November 17, 2006

Captain of What? 

New York Post Page Six


See for yourself.

captain of jessica's' XD
Hopefully not. There's another Jessica who's divorced not long ago. And that is a dumb, if not the dumbest bimbo I've ever seen.

Here's a quote from her show with her ex:
"Honey? Is tuna a fish or chicken?"
"It's a fish."
"Then why do they call it the chicken from the sea?"

God bless America.
我本來不知道你說的是誰,但在翻了一下維基之後,發現這工作一點也不難,畢竟我們都知道Derek的品味跟Joey Tribbiani差不多.
Jessica Biel? She is HOT! I kinda have a similar taste as Derek's...
captain clutch indeed :P
Hahahaha... captain of picking up hot blonds....

Hey, want to comment a bit on the Frank Thomas signing? Just wanted to hear what you think.

The FA market is out of whack!!! IF Big Hurt can get that price.... Will Soriano and Lee be $15M+ a year? OMG...

Take Care,

A.Soriano already got what he ask for.

8-year/$136M from Chicago Cubs.

God bless the Cubby.
yes, they are going to need all the blessings they can get.

On the bright side, at least they simply overspend, the Reds just signed Bubba Crosby, Alex Gonzalez and Mike Stanton, imagine if Griffey hurts himself as usual and Bubba ends up in the lineup with A-Gon and Staton closing.... i think it's a pretty safe bet that unless Homer Bailey rocks big time and/or Griffey stays healthy and rake the Reds are going to finish dead last in the NLC next year.
Way to go, captain!
Holy crap... so Soriano is $17M a year?

Well.... that means Soriano + Lee + A-Ram... that's about as good as it gets in the MLB in terms of 3-4-5..... not saying that's the best one... but certainly top 5 or even top 3

I would put it right up there with Beltran-Delgado-Wright or Abreau-ARod-Giambi
you would? i have some serious doubts.

A-ram is insanely streaky hitter, he was terrible this year early on but got red hot after the Cubs are 10+ games out of the division. Soriano if he is like this year would indeed be great, but given his track record its hard to imagine him consistently putting up anything that matchs anyone in the other 2 group or Derrek Lee.
To Rollingwave,

Well, you are right.

Let me modify my statement... if Soriano and ARam are at their peak (a BIG if), their 3-4-5 will be as good as any in the league. But of course, we wont be sure if we will see the 2006 version or the 2004/5 version. Even Lee, there are some questions about him, that if 2005 was a spike year.

Lets see... who else do I like.. Utley-Burrell-Howard is a pretty good 3-4-5... and that's probbly it as far as tier 1 3-4-5 combinations go. Most teams only have 2 super hitters (ie. Red Sox, Jays)...

Take Care,

More on Soriano...

Aside from guys like Carlos Lee and JD Drew... there are a few other (not so apparent) winners from the Soriano deal

For one, Vernon Wells..... oh man, the jays are going to regret not resigning him for 12M a year when they could have......

The Mets... who locked up David Wright and Jose Reyes last year...man, they look like geniuses now..!
Yes, the Mets lock up look very good now as long as Reyes and Wright are relatively healthy. though they now have 3 40+ year old players on their team and possibly getting another (Franco, El-Duque, Alou, and possibly Glavine)

Philly 's Abrue trade now looks retarded. Soriano is not worth 2M more than Abreu.

Carlos Lee is an interesting risk player. he's a much more complete hitter than Soriano (as is JD Drew) but his physical makeup draws questions.

Cashman seem to be picking the right year to go quite on the market.
To Rollingwave,

Well, I think the mets are going for it next yr..they feel that's prolly the last chance they have with this current core.

But like..remember..bobby abbs wanted out..and was crapping out on purpose

As for Lee... well, i dunno about being more complete... b/c Soriano is damn good.... and hahaha..hey..if a man can hit, a man can hit... physical make-up is not really relevant.. look at prince fielder!

but fuck, my jays messed up too... 18m 2 yr for frank thomas? gosh....
I don't think Abreu wanted out, the fans wanted him out, and Gillick thought that his contract was an albatross (it no longer is in the current market) he did player better in NY than Philly, but seriously, no matter who they get it can't possibly be better than him unless they somehow lands Barry Bonds. (which would be hilarious seeing that the last time Bonds was in Philly all the fans brought a * sign with them :P)

Lee's problem is that he's kind of like Giambi, there's no question that he can hit (to some extend anyway, not the same level as Giambi) going forward, but there is the question of wether he can play the outfield adequetly. if he can't in a few years and is on a NL team that would be really problematic.

I think the big hurt signing wasn't particularly bad given the market, and it does fill a need without a long commitment (of course, it obviously won't do the Jay's farm system much good but they were going to spend anyway) the biggest question is wether he can handle playing on turf even as a DH. if he is anywhere near this year's performance goign foward the deal should at least be worth something.

I think the Jays should have locked up Wells, now it's too late, Wells is so goin to make a 8/136 or more ....

As for the Mets: you might be right i suppose, their current core isn't very deep except for Wright and Reyes. but their farm also isn't too hot, i think if they don't win it next year they are going to start getting into trouble.

the NL east should be fun next year though, every team except the Nats should be interesting and have a shot at the playoff.
To Rollingwave,

Well, I really think he wasn't trying at all, and it was visible. It's kind of like what Vince Carter did to the Raptors... not try, play so badly so that the team feels forced to trade you.

As for Lee, he really is a lot faster and more athletic than he looks. I watched about 20 Brewers games this year thanks to MLB TV (Why? B/c I had Capuano, Hall, Prince, Lee and Turnbow on my fantasy baseball team). Like this man stole almost 20 bases... I guess he is just one of those fat guys who can run.....

I actually thought the Mets were the best fit for Matsuzaka.... but I think they are a bit scared of Japanese imports after the horrible little Matsui experience...

The NL east should be fun... I want to see the Phillys do well.... COLE HAMELS FOR NL CY YOUNG!!!!

Take Care,

Morneau edges Jeter to win AL MVP award. XD

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