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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shut Up, Will You? 

Forget how the game is played? I have forgotten more baseball than this guy knows. The problem is, Curt has a short memory. He doesn't remember when he was a young pitcher. We have a lot of young pitchers here, and they're trying to learn to pitch at the big-league level.

- Lou Piniella on Curt Schilling's comment

Curt Schilling 在 Sox-Rays 群架之後對於 Lou Piniella 的批評越線太多了,招來 Sweet Lou 的反彈毫不意外。我個人比較欣賞 Joe Torre 這種風格的 manager,不過 Lou Piniella 和 Billy Martin 這種人也的確曾是 Yankees 歷史的一部份,重要的一部份。

在此聲援 Yankees 的前右外野手和老教頭。

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