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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

For the Game 7 

That woman deserves her revenge. And we deserve to die.
But, then again, so does she. So I guess, we'll just see. Won't we?

--Budd in Kill Bill 2


Red Sox 從那麼深的洞裡爬出來,他們應該贏得這個 series (just like the Bride)。不過話又說回來,Yankees 沒有放棄的理由,他們也是差一勝就進入 WS。

To Budd:
Make sure you kill the person before you put her in a coffin. But then again, you are killed by a black Mamba, not the Bride.

如果 Yankees 還想要贏得這個 series,他們明天要做的事情是:Score early and score often.

我不覺得這個 series 比去年的精彩,不過前六場的過程比去年更戲劇化。如果明天有個像去年一樣的精彩結尾,不管是誰贏,Yankees 和 Red Sox 的 rivalry 將更上一層樓(如果還有更高的那一層的話)。

沒事,這不是棒球分析,只是半夜忽然想起了一段電影對白而已。這就是自己寫 blog 的樂趣,我愛寫什麼就寫什麼。:p

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