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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

This Is Why We Love Baseball 

SEA vs. BOS, 8:4.
Olivo and Martinez hit back-to-back homers off Keith Foulke in the bottom of the 9th, then Bret Boone hit a walk-off grand slam in the 11th to wrap it up!
Another Boone screw the Sox. Good News to Boston: I don't think there's another Boone to come up soon. You've got to wait for their sons to grow up.
這有多難得?M's 今年令人失望的球季中,在今天比賽前他們的全壘打數跟 Blue Jays 並列全 AL 最少的,90 場比賽中只打出了 69 支全壘打,而並列第一的 Yankees 和 Rangers 則各打出了 140 支全壘打。Red Sox 的投手在今天比賽前是被打出全壘打最少的球隊,89 場球裡只被打出 76 支,而 Keith Foulke 在 48 局中只被打出 2 支全壘打。
在今天比賽前七局裡,我看 Gameday 看得直搖頭,M's 的打者讓 Arroyo 看起來像是 Curt Schilling,我還在想不知道他們面對 Curt Schilling 時會不會讓 Schilling 看起來像,呃,我不知道那會像什麼。
This is why we love baseball, probably not for Red Sox nation though.

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